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Why PHC?

Pinal Hispanic Council strongly believes in the provision of quality services within a cultural framework to all consumers in need. The confidentiality and rights of all members are considered extremely sacred. PHC values the inclusion of family and community as part of the healing process and values the unique ability to advocate on behalf of consumers and broker necessary resources. Pinal Hispanic Council also values its ability to collaborate with community entities to ensure quality services.
It is the philosophy of the agency to provide services from a strengths-based model rather than a deficit model. The agency believes that services must be available, accessible, and acceptable to the community and strongly embraces the need to provide culturally competent services.

Goals for Our Clients

  • Provide Quality Services
  • Connect With Communities
  • Culturally Responsive System of Care
  • Medical and Behavioral Integration
  • Peer and Family Integration
  • Employment Services: Road to Recovery
  • Engagement Culture
  • Utilize Best Practices in Service Provided
  • Increase Wellness Services

JC Accredited

Pinal Hispanic Council

Joint Commission Accredited 

Since 2009

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