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About Us

Pinal Hispanic Council was founded as a grassroots organization focusing on education and behavioral health. In 1987, PHC began to develop and implement a comprehensive continuum of care for behavioral health services.
Pinal Hispanic Council is currently providing outpatient services to children, youth, adults, and families who are experiencing issues relating to mental health, domestic violence, child abuse, and relation-ships. The agency also provides education, information, referral and advocacy services.


Empowering diverse communities to become healthy.



Pinal Hispanic Council is a healthy organization providing quality behavioral services to our vibrant communities.

Goals for Our Clients

  • Provide Quality Services
  • Connect With Communities
  • Culturally Responsive System of Care
  • Medical and Behavioral Integration
  • Peer and Family Integration
  • Employment Services: Road to Recovery
  • Engagement Culture
  • Utilize Best Practices in Service Provided
  • Increase Wellness Services

JC Accredited

Pinal Hispanic Council

Joint Commission Accredited 

Since 2009

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